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rate in san diego, washington, d.c., portland, austin, miami, and all of our users have the same experience. they find the cars on their app generally and they get the car for as long as they need it. in the cities that we operate, we define a home area as how the system works. this is just a picture of the d.c. home area on the left and a distribution of cars on the right. so, as you can see the cars are evenly distributed throughout the area and it's not because we put the cars there. it's because the members put them there. for san francisco, we envision a program where we would deploy up to 450 cars at least throughout the city and in the month before launch, we would provide extensive outreach to those communities that currently are not under served to educate them on the program and teach them about how to use the service and we would pay for the metered parking. and all we need is permission from san francisco to implement this program. >> okay, i'm going to ask you a couple questions. these are specific questions i have of how you work with the neighbors and community gro
portland and medford, maybe a light jacket this morning. you'll probably carry it home this afternoon because we're spending another dry day, an amazingly dry stretch of weather here and it continues. 84 in medford, 74 portland, and after burning off the clouds in central california, dry in the where we'll still be in the 90s. that's better than upper 90s. i would love to say it's going to rain soon in the west. >> why would you like to say that? no one out west -- >> for something different. a little change of scenery. >> all right, bill, we'll work on that for you. >> it's got to rain sooner or later. >>> coming up, hp plunges. an fbi black market bust, and hiring 300,000 employees? your early morning business headlines are ahead. >>> plus, singing sensation and star of nbc's "the voice," christina aguilera is getting something very special from secretary of state hillary clinton. you're watching "early today." >>> here are some of your top headlines this morning. 4 people have died and 26 have gotten sick across five states after a meningitis outbreak. the cause appears to be conta
. another gorgeous day today. mid 70s in portland. actually burn through the clouds, a nice aft you, some clouds. you'll see increasing clouds, chance of showers middle of the week. >>> doesn't look like any big pattern change this week for the west, not yet. one is lurking, though. but maybe not for another week or two. >> it's always gorgeous on the west coast. >> eventually lit get active. >>> california's gas pain haves the governor fuming. a few spots from albert einstein can be yours if you have a few million dollars to spare. business headlines are still ahead. >>> who is the new sexiest woman in the world. last year was rihanna. did she repeat or is there someone new? you're watching "early today." >>> i'm veronica de la cruz. right now, one day after a israeli war plane shot down a drone that crossed into its air space, israeli forces swooped in over lebanese villages sunday. an apparent warning to hezbollah, which israel considers the prime suspect in the drone raid. >>> coast guard crews went fishing for drugs and reeled in a major catch, seizing $35 million worth of cocaine in
across the nation. a rainy day in the northwest, around seattle, portland, billings and jackson, wyoming. scattered showers from grand rapids to chicago. much warmer than normal in the nation's midsection. >> kansas city and omaha hover near 80 degrees. 60s in the northwest and east. 80s in new orleans. 85 in sacramento. >>> coming up, the google exec who is saying yahoo! a $60 million incentive to switch companies. >> not a bad career. >>> and a lot of people getting fired up over flaming hot cheetos. >>> and later, a very close call for this guy, who was showing off with a crocodile and almost beca >>> welcome back, everybody. shoppers are returning to the stores and they're spending. retail sales last month were up 1.1% because consumers simply are more confident. merchants saw gains in almost every major category from eating out to smartphones. it is the third-straight monthly increase in retail sales. >> why did you point to me when you mentioned eating out? >> you like food. >>> well, it is no wonder that major retailers are optimistic about the upcoming holiday shopping season. am
police are saying about a missing portland woman and what new evidence kids fond that may help break the case. >>> thanks to the internet, there's in shortage of information about breast cancer but is it all for real? >> after a mom gets kicked off a bus because of her child's stinky diaper, why is the company siding with the driver? we'll explain. it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message. >>> my husband gave me all the support. he went with me every time to the doctor. he held me after the surgery. he cooks. he cleans. he did everything. it was more important than everything else. they supported me -- my friends, my family, my k
10/26/12 10/26/12 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from portland, oregon, this is "democracy now!" >> in egypt, the united states followed standard operating procedure. standard procedure when one of your favorite dictators gets into trouble. first, the support him as long as possible. but if it becomes really impossible, say the army turns against him, then you send him out to pasture and get the intellectual quest to issue declarations about your love of democracy, then try to restore the bill system as much as possible. >> "who owns the world?" with the presidential election less than two away, we turn to a major new address by noam chomsky on pressing topics not addressed in the president to campaign -- climate change, latin america's break with the united states, the arab spring, and the danger nuclear-weapons already pose in the middle east. >> israel refuses to allow inspections at all, refuses to join the non-proliferation treaty, has hundreds of nuclear weapons, advanced delivery system, and a long record of violence and repression. >> all of that
. i live in seattle. i had been to portland frequently and i love san francisco and these are all great cities. are the bastions of good science policy lacks what we called snowmaggedon, december 2000 we had a big snowstorm. heaven forbid you don't use salt because that is bad for the environment particularly they said it was bad for puget sound. if anyone knows anything about puget puget sound it's a saltwater estuary so adding salt to the saltwater estuary probably okay and the salmon will be all right. instead, instead you take plows and the path down the snow and sprinkle sand on top. how many of you here think that strategy would work? it did not. in fact we had ice potholes. you would be driving on top of this ice rink with sand on top and potholes would form in the eye so you would be going up and down. it was the worst thing i have ever seen. that is actually worse on the environment. sand is one of the things you want to keep off the streets because sand gets into the gills of fish and its hurts fish's assault is a better choice for the environments afghanistan. that it a
to deal with. a few showers from boston to portland, eventually up there towards bangor. that will be exiting by the time the sun gets up. showers around duluth and the upper peninsula of michigan. that's about it. otherwise it looks like a nice travel day out there. breezy in the northeast and cooler yesterday. by nichb's standards it's a beautiful fall day across the country, lynn. >> we look forward to that. thanks. >>> if you have a pet we have a food recall to tell you about. >>> and the shocking appearance of the 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed. >>> and peyton manning's heroic comeback. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot? check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios [ male announcer
of idaho. it looks like a few of the showers will creep towards portland here shortly. it's not going to be that bad. much of your day will be dry. there will be a few periods of showers out there. 24-hour rainfall totals, a minorly impressive amount. quarter inch around olympia. seattle almost up to another inch of rain. we're starting to make up some of our rainfall deficit over the last month or two. with the next storm system, as it goes through the day we'll get the instability showers behind it. we'll see light rainfall amounts. the bulk of moisture has already moved inland. dry in most of california. the winds did shift. only in the low 80s in many areas like downtown l.a. instead of the impressive heat you've had the last couple days. as the high pressure moves in further, we don't expect the return of hot temperatures. the forecast this morning, temperatures cold in the rockies, pretty mild in most areas, but temperatures will cool off behind that front in the northwest. your forecast for today hit-and-miss showers, not an all day rainout. 51 in' addle. l.a. at 77. a beautifu
to the west and you'll see a whole different set of values. so i lived in seattle. i've been to portland frequently and i love san francisco. these are all great cities. are they bastian's a good? silliness in seattle. what we called snowmageddon. december 2,003,003 at a big snowstorm. heaven forbid you don't use salt in seattle because it's bad for the environment. particularly this it is bad for puget sound. if anyone knows for sound, the saltwater estuary. so adding bulk to the saltwater estuary probably okay to the salmon will be okay. instead -- instead, you take plows can you pack down the snow and sprinkle sand on top. now how many of the new here think that strategy works? it did not. in fact, we had ice particles, we'd be driving on top of this ice rink was seen on top and potholes or form many days, so you go up and down. it was the worst thing i've ever seen. and it's actually worse for the environment. sand is one of the things you want to keep out of streams because sand will get into the details of which have not heard stationers assault is a better choice for the environme
cancelled. this family who had a flight to portland maine have had their visit to the bay area extended. >> everybody is cancelled. we can't get out until thursday. >> hurricane sandy is headed to the upper northeast. >> four days here, not the worst in the world,ing in san francisco are instead of going back to portland, maine, where it's going to be a little cooler. >> more than 50 flights have been cancelled at s.f.o. the duty manager says that over the past few days, airlines tried to warn passengers with weekend reservations about potential delays or cancellations. >> through social media, reservations to alert customers if they wanted to rebook for a different date, they would waive the charges involve with that. so that's worked out well. reporter: almost 6,000 flights have been cancelled nationwide due too sandy. most passengers at s.f.o. were taking the delays and cancellations in stride. >> there's nothing you can do about it. it's not the airlines' fault. you can't control the weather. so just go with the flow. everybody is in the same boat. reporter: now, san jose internatio
, a large rain shield that goes a good 100, 200 miles off the coast. from seattle to portland, all areas pretty much to the west side of the cascades, you have a chance of rain and even towards medford and all the way back to eugene and portland. watching on-and-off rain throughout the day. the worst weather around the country today, changes in to west coast, but nothing devastating. >>> it wasn't until daylight that the full impact of sandy was realized. nbc's ron allen spoke with some residents of bayhead, new jersey, who decided not to evacuate. >> reporter: long-time new jersey shore residents kim duncan and shelly kirk were determined to stick this storm out together. >> to me it's more about my house. it's my home. this is my roof over my head. i don't want to leave it. >> reporter: hours before sandy made landfall, shelly, kim, and kim's husband john took a walk to the shoreline. >> i don't think i've ever seen it this bad. >> look at the size of the waves. >> reporter: 150 feet of beach was now underwater. >> if this is what this looks like now, this won't be here tomorrow. >> n
posted. >>> hauling 20 tons of beef to portland, oregon. >> is that a euphemism for something? hauling 20 pound of beef to portland, oregon.
to share the spotlight. >>> we're going to get our show started today with this video out of portland, maine. that car drove through two chain link fence ans and ended up in portland harbor. there's a woman inside, 84-year-old ursula nixon. these are just bystanders who happen to see the crash happen, and they dove literally into action. >> there are also two police officers. >> pay close attention to this woman right here. that's katy nelson. she was eating lunch nearby. she jumped into the water and got inside the back window while these other good samaritans are holding her legs. she gets inside the back window. the 84-year-old woman says, i do not want to die in the back of this car. she says, you're not going to, and pulls her out of the car. watch as the woman in aqua comes out this back window. that's ursula nixon. they get her out just as the car sinks beneath the surface of the water. >> oh, my goodness. this whole time the car is just slowly sinking. you see it sinking and sinking and sinking. you just don't know what's going to happen. >> wcsh spoke to kay nelson about this
and consistency. the city should be made whole for any loss of parking revenue. for example in portland car to go parking costs estimate againing of each quarter and trued up [speaker not understood] in the preceding quarter. all operators should be required to make their monthly hours of public parking data publicly available to auditing purposes by location gps. and cars at fixed locations should have certain utilization requirements 24/7 availability or [speaker not understood]. standard public hourly rates and all operators should be given the option of parking advantages. in the definition of what a car share operator should be should not preclude innovative new models of car sharing. e company s or profit or ether nonprofit if it is delivering [speaker not understood]. and the taxicab status not administrative rule. [speaker not understood] regional tax base [inaudible]. >> okay, thank you very much. did you want to finish your last sentence? >>> i'm not sure we've actually figured out the models for those areas you're talking about. i think there are some interesting ideas here that could
in san francisco. >>> frightening start but good outcome. from surveillance camera in portland, maine a young woman working at a smoke shop comes flying the store chased by somebody up to no good thankfully she escaped unharmed it is not clear if the intruder was trying to rob the shop or had something more sinister in mind, still frightening. >>> san jose police forced to arrest one of their own. prosecutors say an officer cheated the city out of thousands. >>> somber birthday family of a missing morgan hill teen will mark today. >>> oakland port scandal grows why it took sole to discover one of their members spent thousands at a strip joint. >>> lingering clouds around the coast and bay temperatures in the 60s more sun inland 70s, possibly 80 in livermore. feels like fall around the great lakes 40s and 50s there. late fall like low to mid 70s coast all that cool weather headed that way 50s around seattle to 59 in portland, 93 phoenix. philadelphia, charlotte, chicago, all have flight arrival delays. you can see the rain in the northeast and midwest. a little rain up around seattle a
on portland and by enacting this ordinance the city would create an opportunity to see affordable housing development on the waterfront which is something that we've been working really hard on, and give the port at the same time the flexibility in structuring job housing linkage via obligation. * i wanted to also say very quickly that the approval of any project that in this legislation would not be changed by this legislation. so, we have the mayor's office of housing and the port here to present. [inaudible]. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisor, [speaker not understood] from the mayor's office of housing. we'll provide a brief powerpoint presentation to go along with our presentation. i will be speaking at the beginning of the presentation and [speaker not understood] from the court will continue and i will close. so, powerpoint. >> so, can we get -- there it goes. >> great, thank you. thank you. there we go. so, before you today is a amendment to the jobs housing linkage ordinance, a program that we actually administer through the mayor's office of housing. so, this is a brief
of state. there are testing out portland, seattle, austin, which have growing technology industries. chipotle mexican grill is considering breakfast items. that story and more coming up in the next hour. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> 4:38 right now, 60 degrees outside. >> still to come highlights from game 1 of the world series between the giants and the tigers. quite a game it was for one >> good morning. meteorologist jacqui jeras. texting the forecast. temperatures are very nice and warm. 63 and reagan national, 62 at dulles, 54 in culpeper and manassas. patchy fog will be gone by 9:00. the increasing clouds. looking for partly sunny skies by this afternoon, still mild, 72-77 degrees. there is a slide in temperatures approaching the weekend. big changes with a strong cold front and potential interaction with sandy. we need to be on high alert for potential rain and wind and possible flooding. now to traffic. >> a couple items. in falls church and annandale and there's a crash reported on 66 westbound before sycamore street in annandale south of the little river turnpike
centenear portland, maine. no reports of injury. it was felt as far away as connecticut. earthquakes are very rare in new england. >> there will be a motion hearing today at fort meade for private first class bradley manning, the man accused of leaking classified documents to wikileaks. he is scheduled to be tried in february. he's facing 20 charges including aiding the enemy. >> a memorial service being held today for a professor struck by a car and killed earlier this month. rhett leverett was walking his dog when the accident occurred. the driver suffered a medical emergency and ran his vehicle on the sidewalk. the victim was 60 years old. today's service will be held at marymount university in arlington at 11:30. >> two virginia hiker stranded in montana park are back home this morning. neal peckens and jason hiser arrived in richmond. there were found in a remote area where they had gone hiking. they did have the right equipment and used their outdoor skills to survive. >> glad they are doing all right. a bombshell announcement from citigroup and. the the former fdic chairman s
entrepreneur who opposes the initiative. he moved his company, istores, from portland, oregon, across the columbia river to vancouver, washington, just nine miles away. >> it broke down to taxes. oregon has the highest income tax in the united states, and washington has the lowest at 0%. >> istores is the largest online retailer of paintball equipment. [paintball gun clicking] stites has been hiring staff for a new company he acquired that sells prank novelties. this for halloween? >> it is for halloween or for any times that you need to be a man-eating shark. >> under the new tax, he would have to pay $50,000 a year. and that, he says, would hamper his ability to expand any further. this money, if it passes, will go specifically to education, 'cause they've been cutting schools and things like that. so what is washington state supposed to do about its schools in terms of revenue? >> i think that the state in aggregate needs to take a look at its expenses. >> like? >> i've had opportunity in portland to see cars being washed by third party washing firms cleaning cars on the weekends f
. >>> a dramatic rescue in portland, maine, caught on cell phone camera. 84-year-old ursula nixon lost control of her car on friday, and some good samaritans braved the cold waters to pull her out. police say nixon sped through a stop sign, two fences and an oceanfront barrier before she ended up in the portland harbor. she's in fair condition. several of her rescuers were treated for hypothermia. >>> a 10-year-old boy in philadelphia is in big trouble. see that white van crashing into those cars right there. police say on sunday he stole it and he's the one behind the wheel. surveillance camera shows him getting out and trying to run away, but someone stops him. police say the boy saw the keys on the rear door and went on a bief joyride. he wasn't just slapped on the wrist either. he's expected to be charged with auto theft. >>> in hong kong, an investigation into a deadly ferry collision is under way. at least 36 people were killed. dozens injured. a boat filled with revelers slammed into the ferry. more than 100 people were rescued and sent to hospitals. one person is still missing. report
're aware of in the town of hollis center which is 20-mile west of portland, maine, but it was felt over quite a big section of new england including boston and connecticut. so a 4 magnitude earthquake tonight. luckily no damage reported there. we've had clear skies in d.c., but want you to see we have a little bank of high thin clouds that will come through later tonight. it will be a real nice day tomorrow and warmer, but those clouds are associated with what was hurricane paul that has been coming ashore in mexico, fortunately much weakened storm, but it's riding along the jet stream. we're getting quite a pit of cloud cover moving across the southern part of the country and some of the rain in texas also associated with that. here's how the next two days look locally, top about 70 degrees, a nice day. -- tomorrow about 70 degrees, a nice day. there will be some cloud cover and on thursday in the afternoon we've got a frontal boundary, the same front that's probably going to bring rain to st. louis tomorrow, it's going to bring us showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. it will also be
of portland. it could be felt throughout new england. people running into the streets, as the ground shook. but there were no reports of major damage or injuries. >>> and it is time, now, for the weather from across this great nation. fargo, minneapolis, and chicago will see showers, perhaps, even thunderstorms. severe weather is a threat for little rock and memphis, with high winds and hail. the northern plains could see wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. and the southwest, hate to tell you. you're going to bake in temperatures well above normal. downtown l.a. will hit 90 or above. phoenix is 93. dallas will be in the upper 80s. mostly 60s in the middle of the country. boston and seattle in the upper 50s. >>> and when we come back, what's really behind the huge shakeup at a major bank? >>> and then, if your ipad's too big, your iphone's too small. well, get ready for something new from apple. >>> and later, the $8 million wipeout. this wasn't just any boat that capsized in san francisco's bay. >>> welcome back, everyone. there's been something of a coupe on wall street. although, victor
. in maine a group of strangers spring into action when an elderly woman drove her car into the portland harbor. the ban of good samaritans pulled the 84-year-old out of her car moments before it sank. the woman is in stable condition. some of the rescuers had to be treated for hypothermia. >>> karma geddon two has come to an end just for the end of the rush hour. the demolition job that shut down the 405 freeway hit a snag when the column collapsed. despite the hurdle, work crews completed a major component of the four-year expansion project. >>> in kentucky, a test of strength was on display. 34 teams of 20 people battled to see who could pull a 757 cargo plan 12 feet in the fastest time. the competitors showed the money as well as some muscle. all of the teams raised a thousand dollars for the special olympics. all for a good cause. >>> finally, hawaiians continued their love affair with spam hundreds gathered to build the world's largest mosubi. the 628-pound hawaiian snack was made with loads of rice, lots of seaweed, and of course, all of that spam. the event also featured a contes
't deliver on. >>> milestone for the . >>> most of the country in the 60s and 70s 103 phoenix, 80 portland, 71 seattle. airports you can see all on time severe weather in atlanta could back up. without the clouds here not expecting delays in san francisco, oakland or san jose. >>> 4:48. fundraiser was held yesterday for the family of fallen chp officer kenyon youngstrom killed during a traffic stop on i-680 in alamo earlier this month. the support has been tremendous. >> the community outreach because eye done this, has just been unbelievable. i've had people pledge cash. we've got a website with the fallen heroes organization. we work closely with for a long time here in alamo. >> the restaurant owner is urging people who want to support youngstrom's widow and four children to drop off donations at the restaurant. >>> president obama and mitt romney are preparing for this week's high profile debate. mr. obama is at a resort in nevada, mitt romney has practice planned in massachusetts. tahman bradley with more on how they are handling expectations. >> reporter: president obama and mitt rom
, new york city, portland, san francisco, and seattle, with several more markets to come. under her leadership, it was named one of the next big things in tech by the wall street journal, the start up to watch by ink magazine. please welcome leah. jamie wong is the co-founder and ceo of her vision of a more open world and exchanges through travel is the driving force. her commitment to bringing travel experiences to the world by making it easier to find, create, and book provides a platform for the community. she is a dynamic creative and leader with a passion for bringing ideas to market the change the way people live. finally, jay. in his girl as the chief innovation officer, he is working with the tech community and public to bring the government into the digital age. a partnership announced in 2012 will open the doors of government to our tech community to drive new solutions and businesses. if you have ideas for innovating services for government, please send him a tweet. finally, our moderator. he is the co-founder and publisher of an online magazine. i will let hi
an amazingly dry period. in portland, oregon, august and september the two driest months you've ever had, less than a half inch in two months combined, about a quarter inch. no rain today either. boise, very warm. 93 in l.a. very warm in interior california. we knock the temperatures down a couple degrees tomorrow. once again, we'd love a weather pattern change in the west. won't have any any time soon. if you're watching us in yakima, washington, take a trip back in time and explore unique animals that roamed the yakima valley at the museum. >>> and now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. well, apparently the kristen stewart cheating scandal hasn't damaged robert pattinson's stock. the "twilight" star has been named world's sexiest man in the glamour u.k. poll for the fourth straight year. >>> all right. seth mcfarland, the man behind "family guy" and the movie "ted" will host the next oscar ceremony. he joked he hopes organizers don't find out he also hosted the charlie sheen roast. >> i think the audience will be very nervous. >>> well, adele can add bond girl
deciding to settle down on portland street in bernal heights back in 1977. since its opening, wild side west has been a san francisco institution. since it moved to bernal heights, it has really been a gathering place not only for lesbians here in our neighborhood and throughout the city, but for an entire community in bernal heights. just a little bit of context, little bit of context. at the time that wild side west moved to cortland street, there were actually a number, numerous lesbian bars scattered throughout san francisco. but as i understand it due to gentrification, economic challenges that many of these businesses faced, wild side west is now one of only two lesbian bars that actually remains here in the city and county of san francisco, both of which are actually located in district 9. so, i wanted to take this opportunity as wild side west is celebrating its 50th anniversary to thank, on behalf of district 9 and the entire board of supervisors, the wild side west for being a survivor, for their numerous contributionses to our community. it is a place where many fund-raisers
of them completely by surprise. >> reporter: when the portland trail blazers selecteded this seven-footer in this year's nba draft it was a dream come true for the 20-year-old after a lifetime of hardship and perseverance. he was raised in illinois, in a town of 8,000, two hours west of indianapolis. his father died suddenly when he was just 6. along with his 8-year-old brother and mother the family fell on hard times. forced to sleep together on the living room floor without electricity or furniture. >> with hardship and getting through hardship that only helps bring people closer together. >> reporter: growing up he thrived on the basketball court. it then led to a scholarship at the university of illinois. bailey enlisted in the military serving two tours in afghanistan. he hadn't seen his brother play in two years when he shocked him last march. meyers tweeted the video this week. since then half a million watched this emotional video. we can only guess how many got through it with a dry eye. bailey leonard is here with us this morning and joining us from training camp in portl
checking in passengers other airports in portland, spokane and los angeles in seattle where alaska is the dominant carrier passengers are being checked in manually. we checked the bay area's airports an hour ago, none are reporting problems. >>> right now, san jose-based grocery chain facing boycott over employment policies. coalition of community groups holding news conference to discuss a boycott against pueblo markets the group say they are angry they are using a program created by the department of homeland security to verify whether new hires are in the country legally. store officials say they joined the program after it was suggested during an immigration audit. dhs says the program is voluntary. >>> ucsf celebrate ago accomplishment of -- celebrating an accomplishment of a doctor affiliated he shares the nobel prize in medicine with britain's john gurdon. >> reporter: what makes this award especially excite something when the doctor wanted to become a researcher' to several labs and says no one would return his call except for the lab here at ucsf. now inside they are joyou
alaska from checking in passengers other airports in portland, spokane and los angeles in seattle where alaska is the dominant carrier passengers are being checked in manually. we checked the bay aa's airports an hour ago, none are reporting problems. >>> right now, san jose-based grocery chain facing boycott over eloyment policies. coalition of community gros holdg news conrence discusa bcott agast puebloarks thegroupay they are angry they are using a program created by the department of homeland security to verify whether new hires are in the country legally. store officials say they joined the program after it was suggested during an immigration audit. dhs says the program is voluntary. >>> ucsf celebrate ago accomplishment of -- celebrating an accomplishment of a doctor affiliated he shares the nobel prize in medicine with britain's john gurdon. >> reporter: what makes this award especially excite something when the doctor wanted to become a researcher' to several la and says no one would return his call except for the lab here at ucsf. now inside they are joyous. the team celebrate
in so many spots from medford to portland all the way through the northwest. an upper level low could bring a few showers to coastal areas of central california. tomorrow we're still dry throughout all of the region. it looks like friday, friday night in the northwest is when the first raindrops should arrive. >>> if you're watching us on kiem news channel 3, meet a new set of red panda brothers and watch as they explore, climb and even made paw print portraits at red panda moniu. >>> at the sequoia park zoo. >>> all right. thank you so much. now here is an early look at your entertainment headlines. well, one of hollywood's most enduring couples are calling it quits. kind of surprised about this. danny devito and rhea perlman have separated after 30 years of marriage according to a rep. the two met in 1970. they have three children all in their 20s. no word on what caused the split. >>> well, katy perry went all out for her performance at president obama's l.a. fundraiser sunday night complete with a special manicure that featured photos of the president and a democrat donkey. >>> fi
of the country 49 minneapolis, 42 fargo, 50s eastern seaboard, 60s seattle and portland 92 phoenix. flight departure delays out of newark, all other major airports even regional california airports on time. >>> the top u.s. counterterrorism adviser will visit libya today to discuss the investigation of the attack that left four americans dead last month. chris stevens was killed with three other americans. the senior white house adviser john brennan is planning to meet with the president of the libyan national congress as well as army intelligence and other foreign ministry officials. american fbi agents traveled to tripoli a few days after the attack to join the investigation. domestic political upheaval from the country held up their visit to benghazi for more than two weeks. >>> this morning a judge is expected to sentence jerry sandusky to live out the rest of his days in prison. he released an unapologetic statement last night. t.j. winick is covering the sentencing. >> reporter: he regrets not taking the stand after being convicted of 45 of 48 counts of child sex abuse against 10 boy
be seattle and portland's last dry day for a while. if you're watching us on kgw news channel 8, in wood burn, climb a giant spider wed, shoot a pumpkin cannon at the wooden shoe. ever since "children of the corn" and "maliki," i can't do a corn maze. >>> all right, bill. thanks so much. in entertainment news, tmz reports radio host bubba the love sponge was behind the leaking of a six-year-old sex tape involving his ex-wife and his best friend, wrestling legend hulk hogan. earlier in the day hogan told "today's" kathie lee and hoda that the encounter happened after his marriage had imploded. he also told howard stern that his best friend bubba had encouraged the tryst with then wife heather klum and that he's denied any knowledge of the tape. well, tmz, however, reveals at the end of the tape hulk's friend is bragging that the footage was a gold mine. the wrestler tells tmz he plans to explore legal options. >>> well, things appear to be getting serious between kim kardashian and kanye west. reports say they have been shopping around for a miami mansion in the 7 to $10 million range. >>> fin
and portland if you are traveling today all major airports except newark are on time i expect flight arrival delays here at sfo we'll have them with our flight tracker at at the bottom. >>> a story we brought you yesterday at midday. no school at miami-dade community college for the rest of the week while florida investigators try to figure out what caused a five story garage under construction to crumble? the accident killed two workers and another missing. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: tense moments on the campus of miami-dade college. rescuers scrambling to save lives. after a section of a parking garage under construction collapsed, killing two and trapping two others. one man was rescued from underneath a steel beam his face and hands bloody. >> we have another victim in there alive >> reporter: another worker trapped for 12 hours. overnight rescuers used a crane to remove debris and amputated his legs to pull him from under the rubble. 10 were hurt when the roof of the five story concrete garage fell creating a pancake style collapse that flattened everything under
and pushing through portland throughout the mid-morning to early afternoon. we'll have the showers to deal with. it's a chunk of cold air behind this. temperatures only in the 40s. tonight, areas of new england will get a hard freeze. the growing season will officially end tomorrow morning. the other big story is the huge storm in the middle of the country. this is almost like a spring-like storm. severe weather with it. a severe weather outbreak in iowa to missouri and kansas as we go throughout saturday. that will sweep into the ohio valley and tennessee valley late saturday into early sunday. it's a weekend event here. we are expecting a few tornadoes here turning into a line of damaging wind. saturday, the middle of the country from chicago to dallas, all areas watching for storms. the east coast, we'll see a nice weekend with temperatures warming up on sundays. i guess the big story is very cold in new england starting today and tonight then the severe weather tomorrow in the middle of the nation. >> thank you. >>> just ahead, a round up of what's hot at the box office and which celeb
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